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TheCaseoftheChinaShopBull-MC-637540862420814976 copy_edited.jpg

The Case of the China Shop Bull

The stakes couldn't be higher for Bromo the Brahma. The friendly bull stands accused of trashing Ms. Kitty's china shop and the famed prosecutor, Braxton W. Fox, has vowed to make an example of him at his trial. Bromo's best friend, a kind-hearted and very loyal chipmunk named Harold, fears the worst. All that stands between Bromo and "the Pen" is his bungling attorney, Dummy Duck, whose only witness, the sheep from next door, Betty Wool, is almost blind. Readers of all ages are invited to enter the courtroom of the Honorable Judge Hoot and see if Dummy can save the bull.

TheCaseoftheMouthyMonkey-MC-637552098376943239 copy_edited.jpg

The Case of the Mouthy Monkey

While the animals in the savannah know Minky has trouble controlling her unruly tongue, most are still having trouble believing the charming little monkey is guilty, even after her confession. But there's no doubt in the mind of the new magistrate, Judge Gorger, that Minky stole the eagles' egg. The big baboon, who's more interested in food than facts, isn't buying the mouthy monkey's story that she merely "borrowed" the egg to practice juggling. And it's even worse for Minky because the new justice wants the crime solved quickly to convince the folks of the savannah that he's a fitting replacement for the great Lord Bengal who died recently after eating a contaminated rabbit. Come see if Minky can escape punishment for a crime she says she didn't commit.

TheCaseoftheMurderedMouse-MC-637551311038436790 copy_edited.jpg

The Case of the Murdered Mouse

Detective Spinoza, a rumpled and disheveled sheepdog from the City, has been summoned to Farmsville to help his old friend Judge Bogart, an old saddle donkey, investigate the death of a little mouse found on the floor of the great barn. While everything points to poison as the cause, Detective Spinoza doesn't seem interested in the obvious suspects the black widows, snakes, and toads. Instead, the detective continues to nose around the barn looking for another explanation, much to the annoyance of the master feline of the loft, the tabby cat Madame Sylvester Sloan. Join the fun as the persistent detective seeks to uncover the truth about the poor rodent's untimely demise.

TheCaseoftheMissingMoose-MC-637551311643727225 copy_edited.jpg

The Case of the Missing Moose

With the championship hockey game against the Bears only days away, the Moose have lost their goaltender. Desperate to find the missing cow, the Moose have hired Teddy Howell's old friend, Detective Dirty Hairy, a drooling rottweiler from the City, to lead the search in the frozen outback of Saskatchewan. But after several days of fruitless searching, and signs that indicate the lost keeper may have wandered into grey wolf territory, it looks as if the underdogs may have to face the mighty Bears with their star forward in the net. Enter Teddy's world of moose, bears, mystery and hockey and see if the Moose can avoid disaster in the biggest game they will ever play.

TheCaseoftheHighlandPrincess-MC-637551320260424504 copy_edited.jpg

The Case of the Highland Princess

The beautiful West Highland White Terrier arrived at the dog park in New York with no idea how it happened. She was supposed to go to Buckingham to be a royal pet, but was somehow sent to Queens instead. As she struggles to find her way in the bustling suburbs of New York, the gorgeous stranger is soon confronted by a motley crew of local hounds, who are determined to be her friends and unravel the fraud against her. But can the mutts of Queens really help Victoria find her destiny as a royal? See for yourself if they can solve The Case of the Highland Princess.

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